Kamco Construction Inc. can guide you in every step of your construction project, whether it is in the development stage or well-defined, major or small, anywhere in Quebec or New-Brunswick.

Cost Study / Feasibility Study

Our teams have the necessary experience and expertise to work with you to establish the costs and success criteria of your unique project. We also have business partnerships with key players in various fields which can help you set up a winning strategy.

Preparation of Preliminary Drawings and Specifications

You can’t underestimate the benefits that adequate preparation can have on final results. Take advantage of our expertise as well as that of our partners’ when drafting your preliminary drawings and specifications to help better define your project, ensuring a production without surprises.

Project production according to the following production methods:

  • All-Inclusive
    When the project is already well-defined, allowing the production of preliminary drawings and specifications by a team of professionals of your choice. The necessity for follow-up by the client will be limited as our company will ensure budget and schedule adherence according to a fixed price established at the start.
  • Construction Management
    When you want to add an expert to your project’s team that will guide you from the drafting stage through to delivery. This method of production creates an interesting project synergy, since the client takes part in cost and schedule follow-ups as well as the project’s progress, while leaving daily operations to our teams. Ideal for when the allotted timeframe for project completion is limited.
  • Turnkey
    When you want to take advantage of our business’ experience and expertise throughout the designing and building process of your project. This production method will allow you to deal with a single team member who will have a global vision of your whole project. Ideal for when the allotted timeframe for project completion is limited.
  • Custom-Made
    A hybrid production method can be the best solution in certain situations. We offer you the opportunity to build a flexible business relationship that will ensure your satisfaction.

After Construction Service

Preparation of proper end-of-project documentation either in paper or electronic format which allows you to access warranty certificates for the work done, descriptive files of the materials and equipment used, as well as maintenance procedures, all in one place.